outgoing links (neat things)

philosophy of tech

viznut on "permacomputing," tech and permaculture (clearnet)
marianne moore: "four quartz crystal clocks" (clearnet)
(couldn't find a better link; her writing is hard to find)
boringcactus: "post-open source" (clearnet)
chip morningstar: "how to deconstruct almost anything" (clearnet)
(well-intentioned and intelligent, but very fun to pick apart)

the old internet

fiftythree.org: evil watertower, etherkiller + friends (clearnet)
toastytech: the gui gallery, ie4 is evil (clearnet)
melty.com: Ann, my funky lesbian guardian angel (wayback 1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
bossanova.com: leckmans + others, really pretty landing page (wayback)
asia carrera: cool boobs, dude! (clearnet)
bash.org: irc quote db, speaks for itself (clearnet)

good talks, presentations

jason scott: "the mysterious mister hokum," derbycon 3 (youtube)
zoz: "don't fuck it up," defcon 22 (youtube)
benno rice: "what unix cost us," lca 2020 (youtube)
monty montgomery: "digital show and tell," 2013 (xiph.org)
monty montgomery: "fighting for free video," nuug 2019 (youtube)
deviant ollam: "fucking in the friendly skies," carolinacon 2012 (youtube)
keith packard: "a political history of X," lca 2020 (youtube)

yggdrasil infra

github service directory (clearnet)
0n0n's web directory (ygg)
jeff's ygg wiki, service directory + not much else (ygg)
neilalexander's public peer list + uptime info (ygg)
arceliar's interactive network map (ygg)

contemporary bbses

realitycheckBBS: dovenet, fido, CoA, historical philes (web) (downtempo stream)
electronic chicken bbs: dovenet, scinet, good doors (web)

ephemeral message boards

msgbored (clearnet) (ygg)
this website will self destruct (clearnet)